B2B Sales Freelancer - Flexible time, high income up to 60,000 baht/month เจ้าหน้าที่/พนักงานขาย-การตลาด
3 อัตรา
28 พฤศจิกายน 2560


- Acquire and develop relationship with potential business partners who have interest with Online English Tutoring Course for their staffs to improve/ increase company's human resource quality
- Exploit needs, negotiate and consult suitable learning course packages for companies' staffs to enroll TOPICA NATIVE - with over 20 business partners and 20,000+ students across Southeast Asia are speaking Online delight every day and 1000+ Australian-American-European lecturers trend Harvard
- Build up and operate business strategy and planning for B2B channel in Thai market to achieve the target in year for Topica - leading edtech company in Asia
- Other tasks from Sales Director

คุณสมบัติผู้สมัคร :

Thai nationality
Age 24-30 years old
Bachelor’s degree in any field
At least 1-year experience in B2B Sales
Good communication and interpersonal skill
Passion in Education industry
Good in English (prefer TOIEC > 500)

สวัสดิการ :

Have a chance to be leader/manager
Evaluate 2 times per year (on January and July)
Overtime x2 *
Car&Bike allowance
Housing allowance
Travelling allowance
Lunch allowance
Overtime food allowance
Training programme for new staff
Company Trip
Internal trip ( Department)
Monthly activity
Vacation leave/ annual leave
Football club
Have a chance to work aboard*
Plane ticket fee*
Visa fee*

- These above benefit(*) depends on the abilities of candidate and job requirements